Posting to social media (for sisters)

In this day and age, we undoubtedly live in a world of technology, and with technology comes social media. Many of us have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. and post to them on a nearly regular basis. However, a word of caution to my dear sisters in Islam: yes, your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Snapchat may be private (by which I mean, you only permit women or mahrams (non-marriageable kin) to view your photos), but are you 100% sure that they aren’t showing your photos to non-mahrams? For instance, let’s say Marwa has an Instagram account, and she has set it to private so only the people she allows to follow her can see her pictures. Barbara, a non-Muslim girl in Marwa’s class, has sent a request to Marwa’s account to follow her, and since they’ve gotten to know each other well throughout the school year, Marwa accepts the request. However, what Marwa doesn’t realize is that Barbara is close friends with a boy in their year named James. Sometimes, when the latter two are together, they take each other’s phones to scroll through each other’s social media account. And boom, suddenly James is looking at pictures of Marwa that she believes only other women and her mahrams have access to. So sisters, if you, for instance, just got your hair done and sent a picture of it to a group of your Muslim friends via text message, please make sure they won’t be showing it to their brother, father, husband, etc.; if you sent the picture to a non-Muslim friend, make sure she fully understands that under no circumstance can she show it to any males in her friend group. But if you doubt her trustworthiness or know that at times her male friends go through her phone, do not send the picture to her. I cannot emphasize enough that as Muslims, we must always safeguard and maintain our modesty. That’s why, my dear sisters, I do not advise having social media accounts if you post pictures of yourself to them, even if they are private. Additionally, you must sadly be careful with your Muslims friends. Many Muslim girls in this day and age do not see anything wrong with being friends with non-mahrams; (using my first example) a Barbara could easily be a Yasmine.

May Allah forgive us.


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