The so-called “modern hijab” 

Praise be to Allah.

We live in a day and age where the widespread definition of hijab has become the following: a piece of cloth draped over the head. Hijab itself means barrier or partition, but in Islam it has a broader meaning. To observe hijab is to observe modesty in one’s dress and behavior. So, for instance, if you’re out shopping and you’re wearing makeup and exposing your adornments, wearing tight and/or see-through clothing, rolling up your sleeves to expose your forearms, wearing shoes that make a loud click clack sound as you walk, exposing half of the hair on top of your head, etc., then you are not observing hijab in a correct manner. And yet, how many girls/women have we seen in our lives who have adopted this definition of hijabObserving hijab also extends to observing modesty in one’s behavior. What does this mean? My dear sisters, this means many things, such as lowering your gaze, not walking in an enticing way or softening your voice in a seductive manner, not mixing freely with non-mahram men, and not being alone with a non-mahram man. If the need arises and you need to talk to a man, it should be to the point.

To conclude, I hope insha’Allah this brief post has provided an opportunity for us to reflect upon the true meaning of hijab. My dear sisters in Islam, please take the time now to make sure that your hijab fulfills all the conditions of hijab. Without a doubt, we have been commanded to observe hijab (and not the so called 21st century modern-hijab”) in both our dress and behavior. How does a true believer respond to the command of Allah? By saying: we hear and we obey.

May Allah forgive us.


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